For evidence based information on breastfeeding and much more.

Breastfeeding Online
Great breastfeeding advice.

Dr. Jack Newman
An extensive online resource for research-based breastfeeding information.

La Leche League
An International non-profit organization dedicated to breastfeeding education and support.

Dr. James McKenna
For research on safe bed sharing.

The Upper Breast Side

New York City’s first and finest breastfeeding resource center.


Seleni provides assessment, consultation and treatment for women who experience reproductive or maternal mental health issues as well as many other prenantal and postpartum services.


pediatric sleep consultant and coach.

For gentle, non – “cry it out” sleep strategies.

Choices in Childbirth

Choices in Childbirth provides an easy way to gather the information you need to have an informed, empowering pregnancy and birth experience. Interactive, regularly scheduled “All About Birth” workshops around NYC feature renowned experts as well as moms and partners sharing their expertise, insights, and stories.